Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Beginnings

As 2010 had been fast approaching I spent some time reflecting on 2009. Despite all the national trials and tribulations, it was personally a good year! I reconnected with an old friend, traveled to Basel and Rome with family/friends, took up baking (hello, cupcakes!), and met some inspiring people along the way. Over the past year I have been most thankful for good health and great friends; I have felt fortunate to be able to combine the two here at HHJ. Melinda and Olivia recently shared their stories on food and living abroad ("What the World Eats"/"VitaMix Love"). And now it's time to hear from my friend Ed, who was first featured in the post "Getting Off on the Right Foot." His story is inspiring and timely for those of us with health-centered New Years resolutions. Take it away, Ed!

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