Monday, August 31, 2009

Seeking Immunity

So much for new year's resolutions, well, at least the one that involved blogging regularly! As you can see it's been 7 months since my last entry. That sounded oddly reminiscient of a catholic confession. Here's my confession: I've missed writing and my holistic health junkie-ing. It didn't help that a science dude I had dated missed the quirkiness that was my soon-to-be post on water quality issues. I thought a chemist would appreciate musings on H2 the Izz-O. Water is, afterall, pretty cool. I interpretted his response as a sign of disinterest. I took a writing hiatus. It was a stupid excuse.

I should also mention that I have been and continue to be in a little bit of a health and dietary funk. After several additional tests and follow-ups I haven't pinpointed the cause of my skin condition, which is slowly improving but not there yet. That's sexy, huh? Let's talk about skin. On second thought, let's not.

Over the next few months I'll be experimenting with a 50/50 raw and cooked food plan to build immunity. I'm also going to ease into my commitment to laying off the dairy, which is both my love and my enemy. I've started making more green juices and am 21 days into my no-coffee-right-now challenge!

Reacting to black coffee was the worst, considering that I was just starting to like black coffee. I used to be a little-coffee-with-my-cream girl and had weened myself off yummy but uber bad non-dairy creamer....and then the real cream too. Seeing that I have been reacting to virtually everything I eat, it's time to work on my immune system. Bye bye caffeine, hello hot water with lemon! And hello, exercise! I haven't seen you in ages? How have you been?

I coaxed myself into morning walks with the goal of strengthening my immune system. Plus the air was crisp and I am in love with this time of year. In addition to the "not now" to coffee, "yes" to working out, and more green juices I'm starting September with no cheese for a week. Setting a longer goal has not proven successful. Actually, attempts failed on every day 1. Today is my new day one. Temptation du jour: Feta cheese that came with my brown rice nut salad. My dear friend Susan offered to be my cheese sponsor. We played out the scenario:

Jen: "Susan, I really need some gruyere. It's been three days!"
Susan: "Put down the fucking cheese."
Jen: "Ok. Thanks, Susan."

This might pan out :)

More on all this later. It's still day 1.