Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tastebud Retreat

It's no secret or mystery that humans are creatures of habit. Some are moreso than others...whether it's having a certain dish for a corresponding night of the week (Monday is pasta night, Tuesday is Mexican foods night, etc) or resorting to a combo of food staples. I am definitely a part of the majority.

I tend to stick to what's familiar, easy to make, easy to transport (if I'm staying away from home and need quick vegan meals/snacks), and usually something that doesn't spoil too easily. Such familiarity eventually gets boring and when that happens I venture out...out to restaurants with friends, into my dusty cookbooks, and onto the Internet for inspiration.

The past two weeks have been full of new tastes and treats:

My co-worker and I decided to make one of our off-campus work projects a bit more fun with a lunch break at Blue Sage, a vegetarian and vegan friendly grill in Jenkintown, PA.

Crispy falafel fritters in a warm gyro wrapper with cucumber yogurt, carmelized onions, smoked tomato relish, roasted garlic aioli. Served with baby greens in chile lime vinaigrette.

Later that week my co-workers and friends went to a raw foods restaurant where you can try three or five recipe samples for $10 or $15. Great desserts too! You have to call ahead to place your order.

Decadent Carob Cake

My boss took me to a Philly restaurant that serves locally grown food. With a fair amount of vegetarian and vegan options, I tried their tofu cappelini in an effort to broaden my tastes and get into a place of "like" with tofu. I didn't know it could taste so good! The combination of flavors was fantastic!


My Attempt at Farmicia's Cappelini and Sauteed Tofu

Another try at tofu. Delicious! Sabrina's has two locations in Philadelphia. Both provide vegan friendly options. The dish below offers a rainbow of treats - avocado, mango relish, savory soba noodles, and crispy tofu. Friends have also tried this and raved.

Sabrina's Cafe

Crispy Tofu

Tasty, fresh, flavorful. Enough said.

Nam Phuong

Papaya Salad with Tofu

Spring Rolls on Rice Vermicelli