Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Sticker for the Progress Chart, Please

Ok, I know this sounds silly but I was giddy after I got my bloodwork back on Monday. My doctor was very very happy. It was like being in 1st grade again and getting a sticker to put on the progress chart.

Back in May I was kinda shocked to learn I had high cholesterol. Moi? The doctor asked, "Do you eat ice cream?" No. "Do you eat butter?" No. "Do you eat....." The conversation continued. No, no, and no were my replies. Except when the questioning came to the subjects of exercise and cheese. I don't love working out (I'm just in "like" with it). I love cheese.

So it was then that I began to prep for the next cholesterol test:

* 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5x a week
* Watch cheese intake (darn)
* Eat some oatmeal

I was able to stay on target most of the time. And the dedication paid off:

Lowered LDL (bad cholesterol - think L for "keep it Low") - it was way lower!
Raised HDL (good cholesterol - think H for "keep it High")

I've still got a little ways to go but it was a signficant result. And I finally had an indicator of what healthy habits of eating and exercising can do!