Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's the protein, stupid

I may have found the answer to my no-energy issue. For years I had experienced feelings of lethargy. I was beginning to think I was a zombie. My brain felt like it was melting.

Was I anemic? No.
Were the regular headaches causing it? I thought so at first but ruled them out.
Was it lack of regular exercise? Hello! NO ENERGY to do it.
Was it mild depression? Not sure.
Allergies? Hmmmm....
Boredom? Nope.
Was I immersed in a quarterlife crisis? Spare the drama.

I saw a nutritionist two weeks ago and after evaluating my typical meals she found the missing link - PROTEIN. I needed about 48 grams a day. I was getting about 20 at most - if that! I was given the promise that if I upped my intake and had a little protein with each meal - I'd start to feel better within days and really great in two weeks.


The results are amazing. Two weeks into mindful protein eating (the list includes lentils, beans, nuts, nut butter, scallops, a little meat, low-fat yogurt sans high fructose corn syrup, low fat cheese, egg whites, edamame, and soy milk) and I feel better than ever. I think those mild feelings of depression were my body's response to deprivation. I now come home from work and don't need to crash. There's energy for a run or brisk walk, for catching up with friends, for cooking, and for blogging!

Va Va Voom! I found me some good fuel!