Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun with Needles

After a brief hiatus, I started seeing Eva again.

She's an extraordinary acupuncturist. After checking my liver/lung pulses and tongue (which provided various clues to organ function), she poked me. Based upon a brief update and discussion on health issues, concerns, sleeping patterns, and cycle, Eva chose various points to engage. The needles didn't hurt. I usually can't even feel them.

My sessions are spent in silence or with music, in darkness or light, and sometimes with a heated towel. Last night I started seeing colors, particularly purple. It was like going to the planetarium and seeing nothing but hues moving about the screen. Purple was everywhere!

During my first treatment and all those that followed, I felt like I was experiencing a lengthy savasana (sha-vasana)- the end point of a yoga session where you lie supine to reap the benefits of all your hard work. Acupuncture requires no poses. It's instant gratification!

Like yoga, I find acupuncture to be centering and calming. I also feel more balanced. My friend actually thought I was drunk after one of my sessions! It's that relaxing.

There are therapeutic benefits too. Acupuncture involves tapping into meridians - energy flows of the body. Acupuncture assists in unblocking these pathways and improving imbalances related to organs and their activities. It also stimulates the nervous system and enhances the body's natural regulating abilities.

Acupuncture has been a great tool as I continue to explore the causes of my symptoms. It has most noticeably helped with emotional balance, something that has been more roller-coaster-esque in light of the health concerns.

And of course, I highly recommend Eva!