Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movement is Medicine

I used to think workouts were a chore. They were usually monotonous too. Run today. Run tomorrow. Ice skate the following day. Repeat. (The ice skating part was fun) :)

Over the years I've changed my exercise habits to include hiking, yoga, and biking. I've acquired a few new DVD's too - a 10 minute dance routine and a 20 minute kick-your-butt video (thanks, Jillian!). These two are great in combatting the overused "I don't have time to workout" excuse.

Motivation is the key to making time for exercise. Most people will vary on the factors that keep them going. Calorie burning never lasted as a major motivator for me, despite how effective those Jane Fonda videos were. Competition and trying to keep up with Jane, who exercised insanely fast, didn't keep me going either. Posting pictures of skinny models as my target goal lasted for a day. Crazy! But today, here are the things that get me off my bum:

* Clearer Skin
* Opportunity to catch up with a friend = exercise buddy
* Sleeping better
* Increased flexibility
* Feeling stronger
* Feeling happier - yay endorphins!
* Feeling healthier - (apparently the body heals faster with exercise!)
* Oxyenating the body
* Detoxifying the body

And just recently, along came some information that was most inspiring. The Lymph. The what, you say? The lymph is a clear liquid that cleanses your cells and brings nutrients to them. What does this have to do with exercise, you ask? Exercise is the pump that helps the lymph circulate! When you exercise, you make a contribution to the cleanliness of your cells. Talk about good hygiene! Who knew!

All are good reasons to shake what your momma gave you!