Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Congratulations on your Rash!

Ok - it wasn't really as dramatic as it sounds or bad for that matter. I simply reacted to a food! Since late July, O and I have been detoxing and reintroducing foods that are most commonly identified with sensitivites and allergies.

I wasn't even formally testing the food I reacted to. I must have forgotten to introduce it earlier. On a recommendation from my nutritionist and in lieu of consuming much meat, I was to try tempeh, a fermented soy product and good source of protein. It's not as gross as it sounds. Tofu is another story. Tempeh is not tofu. I'm sorry tofu lovers but...yuck...not for me. Tempeh on the other hand, with a little soy sauce over some stir fried veggies, is yummy. But I don't think my body agreed with me. An hour and a half later it happened. Reaction! It was mild but itchy and very noticeable on my chin. It cleared by morning.

I went into work the next day, elatedly spreading the news to some friends. "I reacted to fermented soy!" With a confused look they said, "Congratulations?" I am weird. I was excited because in my mind reacting meant the experimental diet paid off. I knew that there was at least one food or food type that I was sensitive to and I may have just pinpointed it! When I told another friend later on that day and explained why this was exciting, he said, "ok, congratulations on your rash!" We had a big laugh. Now if only Hallmark made a card for that... :P

Next formal reintroductions include citrus, tree nuts and peanuts. I will also try the tempeh again by itself to see if, by process of elimination, the soy sauce was more of the culprit. The reaction explained a mild ambiguous reaction I had weeks ago to balsamic vinegar - another fermented product!

Yay research!