Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Market, To Market

A few weeks ago the running guru and I finished a challenging trail race. We always celebrate races with food and particularly food that's healthy! The latest post-race destination: Essene's Natural Foods Market for vegan macrobiotic dishes. Essene's provides a fabulous hot bar with plenty of choices and a colorful feast for the eyes. A juice bar makes this place extra special. They even have a Friday happy hour with 1/2 off prices of your favorite elixirs!

Below is a shot of what I sampled. It included a yummy bean stew that tasted kinda like a cacciatore (minus meat or meat substitute), a delicious coleslaw with eggless mayo, and earthy vegetables. Ed was super nice and bought me a stellar almond raspberry thumbprint cookie for dessert.

Did I mention you can find awesome products here too? Or that some of these products are more reasonably priced than Whole Foods? And that you can find actual honey comb here (pictured below)?! If that's not exciting enough, add the fact that Essene's also hosts cooking classes and workshops on a host of health topics.

I can't wait to move into the city and visit this place on a regular basis. Yum!

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