Monday, February 15, 2010

Let Her Eat Cake

Valentine's Day 2010. Two fabulous ladies. One awesome city. One mission: vegan sweets.

My friend Susan and I made a pilgrimage to NYC to give homage to some out-of-this-world vegan establishments.

Stop #1: Babycakes Vegan Bakery

Is there anything more welcoming than a cupcake stoop?

Or cute pink walls and cute people in cute pink uniforms?

Or creamy berry spelt cake?

Stop #2: One Lucky Duck

After loading up on killer berry cream spelt cake, scrumptious mediterranean bread with olives, tomatoes, onions and zucchini, and some take-away cupcakes, Susan and I headed over to One Lucky Duck for smoothies. Sitting next to a Jake Gyllenhall look-a-like (hello, gorgeous!) we engaged our tastebuds in some seriously savory slirp action. The banana nut smoothie was, as always, divine. The Spanking (a drink, not the action) I got was a little strange. Like an actual spanking, it was kinda enjoyable but weird at the same time. It lacked a distinctive flavoring, reminding me of chicklets gum after all the flavors have combined to make a new ambiguous taste. It was still worth drinking to get all the nutrients from the fresh coconut, blueberry, banana, almond milk, and cinnamon.

After the cakes, after the smoothies, and well after dinner, Susan and I retreated to the hotel for some olympics-watching and Babycakes cupcake festivities.

Red velvet romp! My tastebuds were frolicking.

When part of my cupcake with all the icing fell on the floor, I decided to rescue it...well beyond the 5-second rule. It was totally worth it. Actually, it was necessary.

I recommend checking out these sites the next time you're in NYC. You'll fall madly in love!

If you know of any other yummy vegan or raw spots, please post in the comments section!


Olivia said...

I think I know where I'll be going next month! YUM!

Jen said...

Yes! Will you be stopping by Pure Food and Wine? We tried to get reservations but that place is so darn popular! They are now open for lunch so hopefully the third time will be the charm in getting in.