Monday, October 5, 2009

Crash and Burn (Then Get Back Up)

I recently completed a series of "7-days-without" stints to boost my immune system. To ensure success I felt it best to start with short term goals. I finished a week without cheese (a food trigger for me), a week of upping fiber intake (a.k.a. week without any processed junk), and a week without coffee. Small goals. Big results. I felt so good I extended the coffee cuts to almost 30 days!

During my days "without" campaign I made some investments too. I juiced raw fruits and veggies daily and the payoff was huge. I had energy that lasted for hours and less brain fog. People started complimenting me on my skin and said I was glowing.

Aside from feeling great there's nothing better than someone telling you how great (ie healthy) you look, especially when you've worked hard to achieve it. Now imagine the frustration I felt when a little indulgence in coffee on a recent work trip proved to mess with my clear skin and general well-being.

Business conference + (lattes x 3) = yowza to my health plan.

The facts on caffeine should have been convincing on their own. The drug inhibits the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, overworks the adrenal glands, can weaken the immune system and ages the skin. If that wasn't enough the lattes left me feeling jittery and made my stomach mad. I think the caffeine was also contributing to a heightened response to other food triggers. The message was loud and clear. Caffeine could no longer be my friend.

I'll manage without it. It's been nine days since my last latte and my skin is getting it's glow back. :)