Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heavenly Greek Salad

Thanks to my roommate Claire, I've been inspired to try out more new recipes.  She is always cooking up a storm in our kitchen and luckily that motivation has started to rub off on me.  My return to the kitchen has also been aided by Abbey and Susan, friends who are a constant source of free rides to Whole Foods.  Translation: no 15 minute walks with heavy grocery bags.  Score!

I didn't know it could get better but I recently stumbled upon a salad dressing that changed my life.  Yes, it was that profound.  It has an amazing blend of herbs that reminded me of the flavorful pizza dough of my ex-favorite pizza place, which doesn't serve vegan pizza :(.  When coupled with tofu, this dressing also reminds me of feta.  It also masks the tofu taste!  Here's how you can healthfully rock your Greek salad.

Heavenly Greek Salad

6 Romaine Leaves, chopped
Handful of small tofu cubes, crumbled
2 tbsp. Herbes de Provence Vinaigrette
4-5 marinated artichokes
Small handful of kalmata olives, halved
Small handful of red onion, chopped

Toss, enjoy, make more salad.


Janie Janie Bo Banie said...

Sounds delicious!!!! Finding a salad dressing you love is 1/2 the battle ;0)

Susan said...

:-) Sounds yummy!

Cursive L. said...

That looks really tasty, I'll try it out - Thanks!