Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eat Well Everywhere

This Fall I blogged about my frustration in maintaining healthy eating habits while on the road and away from home (see "Ms. Crabby" 9/27/09). I had not a clue as to how many healthy food options would be available at my travel destination. Were there area restaurants and nearby stores serving organic, wholesome and local foods?

I prepared as much food as I could beforehand but eventually ran out of my homemade juices and meals. Now you might be wondering why I didn't use the "I'm on vacation card." I was on work assignment and this fact was all the more reason to take better care with healthier food choices.

Had I discovered the Eat Well Guide prior to this trip I would have planned accordingly. The Guide stores a list of restaurants, farms, co-ops, bakeries, organizations, and stores that provide local and sustainable foods. There's no excuse for not cultivating good health while away from home, whether the trip is to last a weekend or several weeks. The Eat Well Guide has you covered!