Saturday, October 25, 2008

Get On the Ball

After eliminating most of the foods to which I'm sensitive as well as soy (more on that later) I have noticed a significant reduction in runny/stuffy nose and lethargy - both are common reactions to foods the body is sensitive or allergic to. The headaches, on the other hand, had lessened in severity but were still occurring regularly.

Two weeks ago my co-worker swapped her desk chair for an exercise ball. She had visited a local green design firm where all employees were using them. After mentioning this to my acupuncturist, she recommended using it to see if it would prevent headaches. "One of the worst things we do is start putting kids in chairs at school. The body isn't designed to sit that long." And most people essentially do this until they retire! Imagine all the stiff necks!

She then felt around my neck and found the stiff muscles that were related to regions where I had recurring migraines. Virtually all of my migraines were in my left temple and behind the eye. My left neck muscles were particularly tight.

For $20 I can say the exercise ball has been the cheapest and one of the most beneficial investments in my health. I've been on the ball for two weeks and I haven't had a headache! I had no idea how crucial good posture was to health. Did I mention that being on the ball is fun too? Or that your abs will be amazing? Or that stronger abs/core will protect your back? Or that it might even help your mood? Or that you can literally tell your boss you're "on the ball?" :P

What are you waiting for?

Note: I purchased the Reebok exercise ball at Target. They sell them in three sizes by your height. $20 bucks gets you a dvd, pump and of course, your fun new chair!