Sunday, February 28, 2010

Starting a Revolution

Some very exciting developments are going to get national attention in the area of nutrition education and advocacy.

Michelle Obama recently launched a campaign to address childhood obesity, which will include a focus on school food reform, education on better food choices in general, and promotion of physical activity!

Jamie Oliver has a new show, Food Revolution, which airs in late March on ABC. He will be challenging people to rethink everything they know about food, particularly in schools. I cannot wait to see this program! Check out the preview below and visit Jamie's website for his ongoing campaign with school lunch programs in the UK.

Last month, Oprah shed a spotlight on the current food industry/system and featured clips from the Food, Inc. documentary as well as interviews with Alicia Silverstone, vegan and author of The Kind Diet and Michael Pollan, who has written extensively on food issues and has a new book out called Food Rules. My favorite Pollan rule is "Eat only foods that will eventually rot." See other food rules in his interview here. You can catch my review of Food, Inc. here.

Health and consumer advocates have worked tirelessly for years to make inroads and progress on the issue of food safety and nutrition. It is my hope that with the recent national attention their efforts will pay off big time.

Changes are coming to the table! Yum!

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Ed said...

Obviously that radio interviewer is heightening the drama as part of his job, but the ignorant comment about lettuce really highlights the uphill battle that the Olivers, Pirellos and Regers of the world face in getting people to change their eating habits. Food doesn't need to be deep fried to be delicious. You'd think a town with so many heffers would be more open to change, but I guess not.