Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day in the Life of an Almost Vegan

This is a snapshot of a day in my food journal focusing on my elimination diet. I cheat a little bit with some processed snacks but they are healthier options when it comes to a case of the munchies. Note #1: I'm including exercise/movement on this list because it nourishes the body. Note #2: I'm classifying my day as "almost vegan" even when there's no sign of meat on today's list because each week I do eat a little meat. I am considering cutting it out altogether. Although when I've had to give up alcohol, caffeine, dairy, eggs, chocolate, and most processed foods, I feel a girl's got to have at least one vice. For me, it's bacon.

* 7:00 am - Yoga!

* 7:30 am - Smoothie - almond milk, hemp seeds, peaches, flax, maca, vanilla, and cinnamon.

*7:40 am - Dry brushing before the shower

* Morning, Noon, and Night - Orange herbal tea with a little bit of honey

* Lunch - Salad w/ veggies & beans; dressing: olive oil, lemon, black pepper or tahini; Lentil soup.

* Snacks - Bear Naked granola, hemp/flax oatmeal, or Go Raw products.

* Pre-workout punch - peanut or almond butter and crackers

* Running

* Dinner - Leftover panang curry (coconut milk, veggies, and rice) from Chabba Thai.

* Yoga/Stretching


Note to self: get more H2O and veggies on this list.
Response to self: OK

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Olivia said...

What a knock out day! I've added a bit more yoga back into my life, but you always inspire me to want to add more. Can't wait until that DVD comes!