Friday, February 5, 2010

Kicking Asphalt

All the yoga I've been doing lately has had my energy levels soaring. I have never felt better physically. On my way into work on Monday morning, after a scrumptious yoga practice and an uber delish smoothie, I felt the run. Without missing a beat, I texted Ed, my running guru.

Ed tried to get me to like running a couple months back but it didn't stick. I didn't give it a chance. After one attempt I threw in the towel. I had dabbled in running for a season about three years ago, completing a 5k and a 4 mile race along Kelly Drive. That was it. I was afraid of knee injuries. I had trouble breathing after runs. Yada. Yada. I also didn't get much excitement from it, aside from the tunes blaring through my iPod. During my first race I considered running off course, jumping in my car, and going back to bed. This is something that Ed, zenmaster, will help me with.

As for the physical concerns I'm thinking and hoping they will fade away this time around. The yoga, ballet, and pilates I'm doing are strengthening the muscles around my knees and helping me breathe easier. All of these activities were not part of my routine when I originally took up running. In my second go at it, the exercise routines have made a noticeable difference.

Ed and I did meet up this week and hit the ground running. The thing about running with Ed is that it's super fun. He jokes around a lot and runs really really fast (see picture below), which is always interesting to watch. We have also taken to running at night. This makes me feel like a kid again, especially because it seems out of the ordinary to run so late on a week night. Aside from playfulness, did I mention that he is all about breaks? He mapped out a stop along the way for juice and mint tea.

While I did experience tightness in the lungs and a throbbing head, the mint tea alleviated most of the pain. I think Ed also tried to distract me from my hacking cough with talk of how great running is...the history of humans can outrun dogs and horses and bears (although, he says, it depends on the type of bear).

Bottom line: If you are seeking inspiration in the running department, call Ed!

I'm thankful to say our run back was pretty seemless (yay!) and pain-free (yum!). This alone was an improvement from runs past. And I felt more agile and flexible. Thank you, yoga.

As for more running, I'm planning to do the 10 mile Broad Street run in Philadelphia. It will be my version of a marathon. True to form, Ed has already signed me up for an earlier race to get my feet wet. And while he'll be light years ahead of me on the course, I know he'll have my back.

Stay tuned...


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Glad you enjoyed my yoga post and I am glad you are enjoying your yoga and that your energy levels are awesome :)

Jen said...

Thanks Averie!!!