Saturday, March 20, 2010

Springing into Action

This picture doesn't do the first day of spring any justice! There were hundreds of people out on Kelly Drive with lots of sunshine and a great breeze. I couldn't think of anything more motivating to complete my first 6-mile run! For running enthusiasts, this distance is a small feat but for me it was a huge deal. It was an even bigger deal that I felt really great after it. The gorgeous weather played a major role. Now if only it could be this scrumptious every day!

The next race, a 10k trail run, is right around the corner. And the Broad Street run is fast approaching as well. Yikes! Thankfully, the food plan, the pilates and yoga, and newly added weight training/cardio, are all improving the running. Hopefully Ms. Sunshine and 70-degree weather will grace us with their presence at the upcoming races. Fingers crossed.

What helps you meet your running goals?

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