Sunday, April 25, 2010

Geekin' Out

During her visit to Philadelphia, Olivia and I vowed to exchange booklists on health topics - partly out of curiosity and for recommendations and for future reference so that we would know which books not to give to each other in our care packages. Here's what you'll find sitting on my shelf.

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Great cookbook with 75 dairy-free recipes (uses soy as an alternative). Favorites include smores and chai latte. By the above opening paragraph, I'm not meaning to imply these are healthy. It's a great resource to people with intolerances to dairy who still want their sweet something somethings.

Modern-Day Macrobiotics
by Simon Brown

Just picked this book up as I'm experimenting with macrobiotics. Very informative and includes recipes and charts for explaining different principles behind the theory. It also includes charts on adequate foods for protein, iron, calcium and vitamins/minerals.

Vegetarian and Vegetable Cooking
by Christine Ingram

My dear friend Debbie found this one for me and it's got an encyclopedia of all vegetables and lots of great recipes (with pictures!).

Living Foods for Optimum Health
by Brian Clement

I bought this after watching Kris Carr's documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer. Clement is the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.

Kristen Suzanne's EASY Raw Vegan Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs & Drinks
I bought this to put in a care package to Olivia and liked it so much that I picked up another copy.

Check out this sample recipe ~ My Mocha Latte Fix.

Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition, and Health
by Marion Nestle

Scary, scary, scary. But reading it will make you feel empowered as a consumer!

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
by Michael Pollan

Pollan traces four meals back to their origins. Great reporting on all that goes into our food.

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips
by Kris Carr

Informative guide for young women dealing with cancer. I bought it for the section on nutrition. Her next book will be devoted entirely to that topic!

Becoming Vegetarian
by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis

BEST BOOK on the topic of nutrition and vegetarianism. They also have a book for vegans.

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People
by Jennifer Cornbleet

This was one of many lovely gifts from my fellow health junkie Olivia. I really like this book for its simplicity and small portions (ie no leftovers).

Everyday Raw
by Matthew Kenney
Another gift from Olivia, this book is packed with great recipes! There are many mouth-watering juices, smoothies, snacks, ice creams, desserts, spreads and dressings, and main meals. Yum. Yum. Yum.

The China Study
by T. Colin Campbell
The most important book I've read all year (or maybe ever). It's the most comprehensive study assessing how nutrition plays a key role in health and disease. Olivia picked this one out for me too. She has great taste, don't you think?

This Crazy Vegan Life: A Prescription for an Endangered Species
by Christina Pirello
If you want to know how to take control of your health, read Christina's book. She has an inspirational story of recovery from cancer. She's been practicing a vegan macrobiotic diet for over 26 years and hosts the healthiest cooking show on TV! She has lots of other books that will also strike your fancy. Check her out!

Ani's Raw Food Desserts
by Ani Phyo

Tasty treats that are oh-so-easy to make! I recommend the cashew ice cream bars. mmmmmm.

You Are What You Eat
by Gillian McKeith
Gillian's book encourages a back-to-basics approach and a return to eating whole foods. She is host of the English TV show, You Are What You Eat, and has a thriving practice that empowers her clients to live a healthier life. The only thing I'm weary of with this book are the recommendations for supplements to treat various ailments. The food tips are great!

Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life
by Brendan Brazier

Brendan proves that you can be a vegan, an athlete, and be a high energy performer all at the same time. I haven't tried his recipes but like the chapters covering preps for and recovery from workouts and races. I drink the lemon/lime water after every run and it's helped a lot!

What to Eat
by Marion Nestle

Good read for anyone confused by what we should be eating (um, that's everyone, I think!)

Here is Olivia's list!

What are your favorite books on this subject?


Nirali said...

Gee, you're one beautiful geek! That's a lot of info, thanks.

The Blissful Chef said...

Looks like a great list of books! Love Christina Pirello! Have you check out her site and blog? Tons of great recipes and such. And check out my blog :)

Susan said...

I just got a fabulous book called "A Beautiful Bowl of Soup"! All vegetarian recipes, but I'm sure most could be adapted to be vegan. I can't wait to make some of the recipes. :-)