Saturday, September 6, 2008

Broadening Horizons

Last night my aunt, uncle and I ventured into the city for some vegan cuisine. It was a first for us all! I guess you could say we were vegan virgins.

We started out with some alchohol (to ease the nerves). The pomegranate sangria was super yummy.

We then sampled chanterelle and corn chowder and green salad with pistacchio vinagrette. My aunt said the corn chowder was one of the best dishes she's had in her life! It was fresh, wholesome, and mm mm good.

Our entrees included grilled seitan over yukon mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach in a horseradish cream sauce, pan roasted tofu with a mexican flare, and a hearts of palm cake with sweet potato fries and asparagus.

Dessert included white chocolate banana ice cream (soy based) and a tart mojito parfait with coconut. The blueberry tea was a refreshing end to an adventure-filled meal!

Our observations on vegan food - it was flavorful, filling and satisfying! While we ate a lot of food, we felt very light afterwards! Thumbs up!